Personal Portable Solar Lantern

Lions Alert Solar Project

Improve Your Community’s Safety While Raising Funds For Your Lions Club Service

The Lions Alert Solar Project is an International Community Preparedness Project of the Rural Retreat Lions Club, Rural Retreat  Virginia USA to assist everyone in acquiring two or more A2 Personal Portable Sun-Powered Lanterns so they will Always Have Light and Never Buy Batteries Again. The Lions Alert Solar Project has been created and is managed by Health Projects USA which is a Program-Related Enterprise of the Accessibility Compliance Team-USA, an International Nonprofit Preventative HealthCare and Improved Wellness and Emergency Preparedness Charitable Provider founded in 1990. The Lions Alert Solar Project has the Mission of assisting all Individuals; Families; Businesses; Emergency Services; Leos, Lions, and Quest Clubs; and other Organizations to Be Prepared NOW! to better cope with Disaster and Emergency Situations before they happen by distributing at least

1,000,000 Personal Portable Solar Lanterns by the end of 2023.

Personal Portable Solar Lantern

For hundreds of millions of people living without grid access, A2 is the first quality sun-powered lantern that has a small and versatile design that is ultra-portable but can still spread light to every corner of a room.

  1. Never need batteries again

  2. Integrated solar panel - 3” x 3”

  3. Metal handle that doubles as a stand

  4. Water resistant on/off button

  5. Can provide 10+ hours of light on a full charge

  6. Has a 60,000-hour LED life

  7. Free  Lions.Solar Lanyard Included

  8. Free Delivery In the Continental USA

The Lions Alert Solar Project Has A Bright Idea For Your

New Fundraising Needs!

Your Lions Club will receive $15 for every Baker's Dozen of Personal Portable Solar Lanterns sold in Your Lions Alert Community Preparedness Solar Project.

Personal Portable Solar Lantern

A Quality Affordable Sun-Powered Lantern

Provides Improved Personal Safety

Provides Light Throughout a Room

Can Last 10+ Hours on a Charge

Can Help Reduce Power Bills

Can Help Reduce Power Bills

Personal Solar Safety Kit-2 = $30.00

+ 2 Free Lions.Solar Lanyards + Free Delivery in the Continental USA

Gift Solar Safety Kit-4 = $60.00

+ 4 Free Lions.Solar Lanyards + Free Delivery in the Continental USA

Home Solar Safety Kit-6 = $90.00

+ 6 Free Lions.Solar Lanyards + Free Delivery in the Continental USA

Family Solar Safety Kit-12 = $180.00

+ 12 Free Lions.Solar Lanyards + Free Delivery in the Continental USA


Be Solar Prepared NOW!

Always Have Light!   Never Need Batteries Again!

Places Where You Need A Personal Portable Sun-Powered Lantern

Airplane, Animal Stall, Attic, ATV, Backpack, Bar-B-Que Area, Barn, Basement, Beach Bag, Bedrooms, Boat, Boat House, Book Bag, Briefcase, Bugout Bag, Bicycle, Camper-RV-Trailer, Camping-Fishing-Hiking-Hunting Gear, Canopy, Cave, Classroom, Closets, Carport, Cellar, Clinic Room, Club House, Control Room, Cooler, Doctor’s Office, Dog-Walking Gear, Dorm Room, Electrical Panel, EMS Vehicles, Emergency Preparedness Gear, Employee’s Break Room/Lounge, Everyday Carry Bag, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Garden, Garage, Generator, Golf Bag, Golf Cart, Green House, Gun Case/Safe, Gym Bag, Gym Locker, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Library, Lunch Box, Makeup Bag, Mechanical Room, Messenger Bag, Mine, Motorcycle, Mud Room, Nightstands, Nurse’s Office, Nurse’s Station, Office, Out House, Pantry, Patio, Picnic Basket, Play House, Porch, Purse, Reading Area, Reception Area, Safe, School Locker, Service Area, Sewing Kit, Shed, Spa, Stable, Storage Area, Storm Gear, Storm Shelter, Studio, Suitcase, Sunroom, Tackle Box, Tent, Tiny House, Tool Box, Tractor, Travel Kit, Tree House, Trunk, Tunnel, Vehicles, Water Main, Work Area, Work Bench, Work Locker.

Make Checks Payable To:

Health Projects USA

625 Lincoln Avenue

Marion, Virginia 24354-1663 USA

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