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Bright Ideas Fundraising

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Help Your Community To Be Solar Prepared NOW

For Any Disaster And Raise Funds For Your Lions Club

The Lions Alert Solar Fundraising Program can assist all Leo Clubs, Lions Clubs and Lions Quest Clubs to provide Personal Portable Solar Lanterns to everyone in their Community and receive New Funding via a Donation to the Lions Clubs from Health Projects USA.

​This new Lions Alert Program is the perfect complement to all other Fundraising your Lions Club is doing now, providing even more new Funds to do other Community Service. 

The Lions Alert Solar Fundraising Program is a simple program.

Your Lions Club purchases a Baker’s Dozen of Personal Portable Solar Lanterns (12 paid Lanterns and 1 FREE) and receives Thirteen Personal Portable Solar Lanterns with Thirteen Free Special Lions.Solar Lanyards and Free Delivery in the Continental United States. Your Lions Club pays for only Twelve Personal Portable Solar Lanterns and receives one additional Personal Portable Solar Lantern Free.

​Your Lions Club Members participate in a “Show & Tell” Program demonstrating and promoting the benefits of the Personal Portable Solar Lanterns and Your Lions Club Members sell each Personal Portable Solar Lantern for only $20.00 USD and delivers the Personal Portable Solar Lanterns from Your Lions Club’s Baker’s Dozen Stock.

​Orders for purchasing Personal Portable Solar Lanterns by the Community may also be made via a unique Internet URL-to-PayPal Account. This Internet URL-to-PayPal Account is created and maintained by the Lions Alert Solar Fundraising Program at No Cost to Your Lions Club to allow On-Line Ordering and to provide Your Lions Club Accounting for all Orders Received, Order Fulfillments, and Order Payments.

​When Your Lions Club has sold all Thirteen Personal Portable Solar Lanterns it will have added $80.00 USD to its Fundraiser.

Always Have Light! - Never Need Batteries Again!

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Personal Portable Solar Lantern

For hundreds of millions of people living without grid access, A2 is the first quality sun-powered lantern that has a small and versatile design that is ultra-portable but can still spread light to every corner of a room.

  1. Never need batteries again

  2. Integrated solar panel - 3” x 3”

  3. Metal handle that doubles as a stand

  4. Water resistant on/off button

  5. Can provide 10+ hours of light on a full charge

  6. Has a 60,000-hour LED life

  7. Free  Lions.Solar Lanyard Included

  8. Free Delivery In the Continental USA

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